Posh Bytes Has Launched!


That’s right – Posh Bytes is now ready for purchase in both paperback and ebook formats through Amazon!

To celebrate, I’m offering a Holiday double extravaganza giveaway! Here’s the best part, I’m not only giving away 9 copies of my ebook, and a special grand prize of one signed, paperback copy. Calm yourselves, though. That’s not all. I have a bonus giveaway to each book gifted – yes, because I feel that generous. You won’t only get the book…wait for it…

Did any of you miss your chance to buy COVERGIRL’S Star Wars makeup on Force Friday? Well, honeys, here’s your chance to get your hands on some of the good stuff. That’s right. I’m giving away 10 items, including:

2 Light Side Mascaras;

2 Dark Side Mascaras;

4 Nail Polishes; and

2 Lipsticks.

Click here to enter by Boxing Day, December 26, Midnight EST for your chance to win!  Be advised, no special requests. Each person selected gets only one item plus a book. It’s a luck of the draw, but hey, isn’t that more exciting?

Happy Holidays to you all, and thanks for reading!